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Inspired by the volcanic origin of ancient rocks, ARTEK STONE is a Canadian company, specializing in contract manufacturing of bricks and stones. Operating one facility in Montreal, ARTEK STONE has developed a technology capable of replicating the exact colors, textures and visual details of natural stone.

Our expert staff is comprised of skilled and qualified technicians, all working together to assist you in your decoration or architectural project. Our stone artisans have chosen the most attractive forms and textures to capture the solid essence of the primitive beauty of stones. However because of the special technology applied, each piece weighs no more than one third of a natural stone, making them faster and easier to transport and install, which in turn can substantially reduce the final cost of your project...  Read more...

our product


ARTEK STONE stone veneer have been conceived with elegant taste for both indoors and outdoors decoration projects and comes in a wide variety of shapes, forms and colors. The custom made product is available as well.


ARTEK BRICK comes in a wide variety of colors and different styles, that will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for interior decoration, a traditional or contemporary look for your home or a commercial project.


Our product is manufactured from a highest quality polymer modified concrete, natural lightweight aggregates and all-natural pigments . Every year our specialists develop new models to closely follow current design trends.


Our decorative accessories add the architectural touch of distinction by accenting fireplace openings, windows or doors and will bring charm and nobility to your interior design and your most ambitious outdoor project.