Cement board, artek stone light concrete product
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who we are


We focus on providing proven solutions that satisfy all customer needs for the Design and Construction industries. Our artisans are constantly improving and testing new combinations, formulas and products to manufacture the best merchandise. Our stones and bricks are researched and developed in our production plant in Montreal, then thoroughly tested and validated under commercial conditions.

why to choose

Beautiful and Unique
Our artisans have chosen the most attractive forms and textures. Some models they developed won the Price of Excellence at the Montreal International interior Design Show(SIDIM).

Simple and Economical
Thin ,light and durable, our stones can be easily manipulated, transported and installed both inside and out on any solid wall without any additional support or foundation. Those advantages can substantially reduce the final cost of your renovation or construction project.

Our product is manufactured from a highest quality polymer modified concrete, natural lightweight aggregates and all-natural (iron-oxide) pigments which will not fade or deteriorate after many years of use.

ARTEK STONE products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration projects, for walls, colons, arcs, fireplaces and much more. They will satisfy even the most complex design projects.